Welcome to LLAQ Training

We are so excited to have you here and thankful that you are a part of this training. You will learn about us AND about yourself. Ultimately, we will all keep learning together over time as we plug in with each lesson in the modules and during our live trainings via video chat.

If you need support, even if moral or emotional support, use the comments area or send a text to let us know so we can encourage you and even pray for you, if needed.

"As you work on growing your skills, it is time consuming and can be very discouraging when you feel alone. So, knowing that, this training is designed to be moderately interactive so that you can work at your own pace, and still know that you're not alone."
~ Donna Marie Johnson, Founder of Lead Like A Queen


You agreed to participate in our unpaid internship in exchange for discounted or free training. You can expect to receive a work assignment at the end of each training module.

Thank you, in advance, for joining our internship team and for your help and support.


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